The Empowered 'Self'

Self-empowerment simply means taking control of your life by playing to your strengths and working on your weaknesses to make positive life choices. Contrary to the belief that today’s urban youth who has time, money, and energy at their disposal should feel the most empowered, reality suggests differently.

Interestingly enough, the barriers that stop us from being empowered are within ourselves. As a Business school with 23 years of closely working with the youth, shaping their future, we noticed that the feelings of mediocrity, lack of purpose, and futility of lifelong effort are the barriers which stifle them from reaching their full potential.

So, what happens when we unleash The Empowered ‘Self’? It gives us the ambition to drive us away from situations that are waning our lives, the desire to overcome the negativity in life, and the power to lead us away from office cubicles of a job that we don’t love to do what we believe.

Let us present to you the speakers at TEDxFIIB who have discovered their empowered ‘self’; who didn’t just change themselves, but also changed the world for better. These are the people who built a stage for themselves (literally) in diverse backgrounds right from Bollywood to Bombay’s Dalal Street; speakers who are going to invoke the spirit of young students with ideas worth spreading.

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