Withyeashu is a fluid group comprising vocalists par excellence who have trained under me and some of whom themselves are music professionals. As all members are engaged full time besides their passion for music, based on the availability of singers and the nature of performance we keep changing the size and shape of the group.

Group member’s are :

Archit Anand, Kashvi Sarup, Mandira Varma, Manideep Paul, Rohan Jain, Shivangini
Shreshth Bajaj, Sruthi Ramanarayanan, Yeashu Yuvraj
About Yeashu: 
I am a vocal trainer who has been coaching for over a decade now. Besides teaching, I am passionate about composing, specially with my students, where they get a chance to experience their ideas getting shaped into an aesthetic and expressive composition across styles. My music endeavors are published under The Better Half Production on Youtube. When not executing a music lesson or a composition, I am behind the camera as a photographer…nowadays shooting musicians and personalities contributing to the music scene in India – genre no bar.